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23 March

I discussed this function during the lightning round at WordCamp San Diego 2013. add_feed() adds a custom feed to your WordPress site. I discovered this function recently when I needed to create a feed that uses a custom query. Specifically, a client needed a feed that pulled together content in a single category from multiple […]

When Developers Go Rogue

15 February

Yesterday, Suzette Franck posted the following to the OC WordPress Facebook group: A German developer named Frank Jonen had a dispute with his client, Fitness SF. He claims that the client did not pay their bill. Frank took his dispute to the web by hijacking Fitnes SF’s website and posted a note complaining (frankly, whining) to the […]

Overspending in Aliso Viejo

06 February

Joanna Clay recently interviewed me for an article she wrote in the OC Register: Aliso Viejo website arouses security, cost questions. She asked my opinions on, a site built by a local developer. They were paid $37,500 to build the site and that it took 5 months to develop. D’oh! It’s not really my desire to […]

Mobile Users Deserve A Mobile Experience

31 July

When First American Title came to us with the desire to build an iPhone app for their already existing web experience, we were excited. And not for the obvious reasons. Too often we have prospective clients who approach us with the desire to simply mimic their website experience in an attempt to have “something” […]

Please Vote for My Session

19 August

In 2011, I led a Core Conversation to a standing-room only crowd about how to hire and manage a web developer. During that session, we discussed the client’s responsibility when managing a developer. For 2012, I will focus on the responsibilities of the developer. That’s right, developers! It’s time to grow up and start owning […]