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Name Your Price – The Humble Indie Bundle Of Games

05 May

A small group of independent game developers, fronted by Wolfire, have banded together to offer five games for whatever you feel they are worth. They call this the Humble Indie Bundle, and they guarantee that whatever money you pay will go straight to the developers, and to two charities: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, those super-nerds who fight for our Internet freedom, and Child’s Play, a charity that donates toys, games, books, and funds for sick kids all over North America and the world.

Diversion And Drudgery And LibraryThing

23 April

A few weeks ago Jeff asked me to take a look at an online game called “CoverGuess” and to write something about it on my Fool’s Manifesto. I clicked on the link, not knowing what to expect, and it brought me to a website called “LibraryThing” – a clumsy name for a website apparently devoted to the written word.

Carrying a Torch for Torchlight – Game Review

03 December

I could begin this review by pointing out Torchlight’s obvious connections to the highly successful Diablo series. Hell, every other reviewer is. And it makes sense, seeing that Torchlight’s creators are the ones who designed the first two Diablo games. But I’m not going to tell you that. Oh, shoot…I just did. Okay, but I’m not going to elaborate on it.

Just a Fool for Pinball

26 November

Since this is a very short week, I am unable to update The Fools Manifesto with a game review per se. I will return next week with a review of a game that has been absorbing all my extra time lately. Until then, I thought I would recognize the holiday week by giving thanks for one of my favorite types of games ever: the pinball machine. (cue music from The Who’s Tommy)