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Mobile Speech To Text Is A Hurdle, Not A Barrier

11 February

I read a post this morning titled, “You Won’t See Facebook’s Graph Search On iPhone Or Android Anytime Soon,” that has left me scratching my head a bit. Surely I’m missing something. The entire basis of Tareq Ismail’s argument was the difficulty of typing in long sentences on a mobile phone. “It’s simple: Graph Search for mobile would need to […]

How To Really Shoot Better iPhone HDR Photos

10 September

I was excited to see what HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities the iPhone iOS 4.1 update brought. I was excited to see that it required just one click to function properly and equally as excited to see how fast it worked. However, my initial test left me feeling like they had forgotten to include the dynamic part of the HDR process. I’m glad I tested further.

Cisco SIO To Go iPhone App Reviews Are Coming In

20 November

We feel like a bit like a proud parent this morning as we read the news coverage about the new Cisco SIO To Go iPhone app. We’ve worked very closely with Michael Weir, Cisco security marketing director, and his team over the past few months, so we share the excitement they’re feeling right now. You can download the app from the iTunes store here.

We’re Proud Of The Cisco SIO To Go iPhone App

18 November

This morning, Marie Hattar, VP of Network Systems and Security Solutions at Cisco, was one of the keynote presenters at Interop. She shared her excitement a few weeks ago on Twitter, but didn’t let the cat out of the bag about what Cisco security innovation would be unveiled. We’ve been chomping at the bit to […]