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29 March

This post is simply a live demo of an iPhone app and WordPress plugin we’re developing.

7:08 pm: Let’s try this again. :(

7:48 pm: I put a few streams of Brandon Dove talking about BuddyPress at

7:50 pm: A good BuddyPress site to look at as an example is

7:55 pm: Niraj is demoing ScreenSteps, which can be found at

7:59 pm: ScreenSteps uses XML-RPC to post ScreenSteps documents directly to a blog post on your WordPress blog.

8:05 pm: ScreenSteps uses a manual/lesson/step metaphor. Ablog post will be a single lesson.

8:16 pm: ScreenSteps also allows you to update the blog post from the ScreenSteps desktop application. So changes can be made to all docs and the post with one edit session from the desktop app.

8:28 pm: This ends the live blog app/plugin demo. :)

8:42 pm: Sorry, one more thing: is rockin’! Some concern was expressed about WP 3.0 compatibility.

11:20 am: Testing a new feature. Again, pay no attention to me. :)

11:34 am: And again.

11:43 am: Testing a few new features to our live blog app… in the wild. :)

6:57 am: “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

Testing A Header

11:40 am: Oh, that was nice. :)

11:45 am: Will be testing new WP livebloghgng features at #rebcphx including new hinternal headlines.

This Is How Internal Headlines Look

11:46 am: Uses H2 tags… Will be configurable in release.

6:43 pm: Testing from iPhone OS 4.0 Beta

Doing Some Testing – 4/26/2010

2:07 pm: We’re refining the UI, so I’m just testing.

2:17 pm: Non-tweet test. :)

Looks like all is well.

10:22 am: Photo test.

4:46 pm: Testing new features.

2:14 pm: OC Wordcamp tomorrow. #wcoc (just testing Live Blog update)

2:19 pm: OC Wordcamp tomorrow! #wcoc (just testing Live Blog functions)

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  1. PB May 21, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    Yep, even the comments section seems to work. Hahahaha!