When First American Title came to us with the desire to build an iPhone app for their already existing web experience, we were excited. And not for the obvious reasons.

Too often we have prospective clients who approach us with the desire to simply mimic their website experience in an attempt to have “something” in the iTunes store. Unless a website naturally lends itself to a mobile environment, which few do, this doesn’t excite us very much. If you’re simply attempting to mirror your web experience in an iPhone app, my advice is almost always going to be, “don’t build an app.”

Alan Arora, VP of Customer Facing Technology at First American Title, and his team came to us with a different mission. “We want to make the myFirstAm iPhone app incredibly cool,” Alan said, “but to us that doesn’t mean just a pretty iPhone version of our web app. We want the customer experience in the app to be in tune with the way Realtors® actually work on the go, as if it were one step ahead in anticipating their needs. If we could do that we think our customers would agree that is cool!” This was music to our ears.

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