At Zeek we solve a lot of problems and clean up after a lot of developers. We get a lot of questions regarding mobile development and mistakes developers make when going mobile.  We also talk to a lot of developers to understand their process. It seems that many of us have similar experiences.

Are you making the 3 mistakes developers make when going mobile?

Expecting Overnight Success

Going Mobile - Read 3 mistakes developers makeWhile it is possible to develop an outstanding app on your first try, it is very unlikely. Most developers repeatedly knock their heads against walls for the first year trying and testing and launching products. It can take a long time for all the code to fall into place and create the app that delivers winning results. Not all developers will last to see that happen. If you can hold out and continue to develop ideas, chances are you will reach success so hang in there and learn all you can.

Expecting Word-of-Mouth to Fuel Downloads

Sorry to burst your bubble, but even the best apps need promotion to be successful. Along with your code development, a marketing plan is necessary to have your app launch well. If no one knows your app exists, it’s pretty much impossible for it to gain a following. Don’t let your app be a faceless creation – avoid the mistakes many developers make when going mobile – by developing your marketing strategy before your product launch. Ask yourself how you can make your app stand out in the crowded download market.

NFL App Explores 3 mistakes mobile developers often makeWe were approached  to develop an NFL app in 2010. It was called Last Drive and allowed for replays of real time plays. It reached a previously untapped market and was an instant hit. People loved it and marketing was easy because the audience was already established and welcomed the product. Innovation directed to the right audience makes your app stand out more quickly than word of mouth.

Expecting Someone Else’s Idea to Work For You

It seems so easy to follow the direction of other app developers. Perhaps you saw an innovative mapping tool idea and thought, I could do that. However, creating something better than the next programmer or jumping into a current app trend is not always as easy as it seems. And honestly by the time you’ve gotten there, the likelihood is that the market will already be flooded.

Don’t be afraid to be a trendsetter. Look around but keep your focus. Develop what you are passionate about and hold your ground. Be unique. Explore your niche. Leading-edge apps are not developed by imitating someone else’s product. Success evolves from passion for your product and the ability of our product to stand apart.

It’s what you bring to the project that makes your app stand out and makes you stand apart. Make no mistake – you define the project – you define the app. Going mobile is innovative, it’s risky, and  –  it’s worth it.

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