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So let us take your vision and craft something beautiful with it. We want developers to have as much fun building it as users do using it – so expect only the best from us when creating the perfect solution for you! We guarantee you’ll love working with us almost as much as customers love using what we build for them.

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What others are saying about us

We've partnered with Zeek Interactive to develop, maintain, and evolve our SaaS platform since 2018. As non-technical founders, we appreciate their technical capabilities and, even more importantly, their team's ability to communicate and collaborate. While Zeek may be our outsourced technical department, they function like an integral part of our in-house team.
Lindsay Halsey - Co-Founder, Pathfinder SEO and webShine
I could have hired my own development team at @MotivationsAI. Likely 3-4 people to start. That’s 600k easy. Then add benefits and stuff. Plus, you don’t build a team for just one year. So multiply it by 3. That’s a $2MM investment. Instead I hired @zeekinteractive.
Chris Lema - CEO, Motivations AI
I have the privilege of seeing the impact it has on our clients that I wish I could bottle up and send to you. Suffice it to say that MANY lives will change direction for the better due to the work that you’re enabling!
Rod Penner - VP of Growth, Motivations AI
Our partnership with Zeek has been a game-changer. Their swift responsiveness during crucial moments and their insightful technology recommendations for our website's scalability have solidified our trust in them. Zeek isn't just a vendor; they're an integral part of our team, ensuring our digital presence aligns with our mission and our members.
Josh Black - National Secretary, Association of Professional Flight Attendants
Partnering with Zeek transformed our workflow, seamlessly merging our previously manual data processes into an automated cohesive platform. Their innovative tools not only enhanced our efficiency but also empowered us with actionable insights. Thanks to Zeek, we’re delivering even greater value to our clients.
Mark - Co-Founder, EP

We deliver what you need

Website Refresh

If your website hasn’t had a makeover in the last 24 months, it’s likely slower than it needs to be and not delivering the results it can be.

Mobile Apps

People leave home with their keys, wallet and phones. We can’t build apps for two of those things, but a mobile app is the best way to be everywhere your clients are.

eCommerce Stores

Generating revenue online doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it out to be. We’re experts in the space and have helped folks just like you.

Site Performance Enhancements

Google hates slow sites, and so do we. Let us help evaluate your site’s performance and create a plan for optimizing the performance of your site.

Headless eCommerce / Headless CMS

Merchants looking to move to the next level are considering a headless approach - where you get a best of breeds approach to eCommerce.

SaaS Products

When your team needs the creation of a SaaS, we’ll happily help you get there. Check out our case studies!

Custom Development

At Zeek, we take a phased approach to your project using flexible pricing and schedules to meet your needs.

Site Maintenance

Have an existing website that needs work? Based on how much your monthly needs are, we have a service maintenance plan that is right for you.


Our software consulting focuses on recognizing the roots of your business problems and finding or designing a software solution to solve them.

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