Big Pussy’s Poker Heaven

Steve Zehngut

Zeek Interactive won the 2003 SXSW “Best Online Game” award for its work on Big Pussy’s Poker Heaven. Based on the Sopranos’ character, Big Pussy. Big Pussy’s Poker heaven was a Flash poker game with artificial intelligence. The original script and narration was provided by Vincent Pastore, who played Big Pussy on the HBO Show, The Sopranos.

This project was built in Macromedia Director, a interactive media production platform that no longer exists. Director was phased out as Macromedia (Now Adobe) Flash was gaining prominence. Now, even Flash is being phased out by Adobe. This game is no longer supported on HBO’s website.


  1. This game is no longer on HBO’s website. Or I am just a dumbass. Is there anyplace I can still play this game?

    1. Al, I don’t know you well enough to answer the first question, but you don’t appear to be. As for the second, HBO owns all of the rights to that game, so there is no other place you could play it, unfortunately. We were very proud of that game.

  2. Can you re-make the game with no Sopranos trademarks in it? Honestly it was the most fun video poker i’ve played, except the one in Red Dead Redemption but you have to start up the game then find a saloon to play that, this was great fun to play with good but not unbeatable AI, it needs to see the light of day again.

    1. Tom, this was a fun project for us and won us a few award, but with the advent of so many online poker sites, we doubt we’ll be making any attempt to bring this one back to life in any form.

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