Phrase Frenzy

Steve Zehngut

Phrase Frenzy was 100% Zeek Interactive from start to finish. Phrase Frenzy was an original game concept that we sold to Game Show Network and was one of the most popular games on the network. It was built to handle thousands of simultaneous users and was actively played on the platform for several years.

In addition to all creative, Zeek Interactive executed every phase of design and development for Phrase Frenzy. This game was developed using the Macromedia (Adobe) Shockwave Multi-user platform. Β This development platform is no longer supported by Adobe.



  1. Steve — In response to your question, “Did they take it down?”, the answer is “Yes”. They are currently in the process of taking it down. Now, it sounds like your company developed this game (am I understanding correctly?). GSN’s explanation for deciding to remove it from their web site (which I found on their “Community Message Board” where people can make comments about games, report problems they encounter, etc.) goes like this (I copy/pasted it directly from the Message Board):

    Traffic for the game had been lessening due to … and increasing technical issues, including browser incompatibility (‘Registering Database’ is a common error). Unfortunately since Phrase Frenzy was based on old code built by a third party no longer accessible, we have been unable to update the game to keep it manageable and widely compliant with our players’ systems.

    It seems to me that you are that “Third Party” to which they refer. Is this correct? If you are, are you truly “no longer accessible” to GSN (like they have stated above)? If you are accessible to them and if you would be able to fix the technical issues and update the code, is it feasible for you to contact them to resolve this issue? If you are able to do this, they could reinstate the game on their web site. Phrase Frenzy is quite a popular game on GSN with quite a large following.

    I commend you and your company for the development of a product/game like this. I have never found a game like this on any web site that has a feature where you can chat in the game while playing between round and, after playing a game or two, that you can take a break and go into the “Lobby” to chat with friends. On the GSN web site, there is currently only one game (Bingo America) where you can play and chat. But, in the case of this game, most of the chat happens DURING the game and it’s very difficult to play and simultaneously chat. Furthermore, the chat “box” is very small and it’s difficult to follow what people are saying. On other web sites I have found the same type of chat or the game will have “canned chat” (like what you would find in the Lingo game room — not in the Lingo Lobby though). But Phrase Frenzy is a challenging “thinking” game — unlike other games on other web sites and, especially, on the GSN site.

    At any rate…back to the main point of my post…Is it accurate that (if you are the 3rd party developer of Phrase Frenzy to which they refer) you are the ones with the capability to resolve the technical issues and update the code? And, if you are, is it feasible for you to contact them in order to make it possible for them to reinstate this game?

    Thank you for having a space on your web site for viewers to post questions and blog.

    1. Thank you so much for the response. We are in fact the third party developer and I assure you that we are completely “accessible.” With all due respect to GSN, they have never contacted anyone at Zeek to discuss updating the code. If anyone at GSN is reading this, please give us a call. πŸ™‚

      It is quite possible that there are technical issues with this game. The game was built almost 8 years ago using the Shockwave plugin. The server technology that it uses is very dated as well. To work properly with today’s Browser/OS standards, the game and server need an update. If we were to update Phrase Frenzy, we would need to re-develop it in Flash (which is our core competency).

      I would hate to see this game die and I hope that GSN reaches out to us. We’ll keep you posted.


  2. THank you, Steve, for your speedy response. With all due respect to you, if GSN were, in fact, going to or were intending to reach out to you (for an update), it is my belief they certainly would have done it prior to their decision to dismantle it from their web site. As you can see in the “copy/pasted” quote in my first posting here directly from their website’s Message Board (written by one of their Administrators who is referred to as the “Guide Angel”) they state that they are unable to update the code and, therefore, resolve the technical issues because the third party developer is no longer accessible. I think the only way this would get resolved is if your company were to contact GSN to let them know you are available, able, and willing to make the appropriate adjustments to the game.

    I, too, along with many other players would hate to see Phrase Frenzy die. It’s a terrific and challenging online game. And, I wouldn’t need to write to you here (hopefully I’m not becoming an annoyance to you with my posts) if I were able to find it on another game site.

    I am happy to post a message on the GSN site letting them know I found the third party game developer and that you have stated that you are not only accessible, but willing and able to update the game (hopefully this is true what I’m saying, i.e., about your willingness). We can see if they will respond to that post.

    Once again, thank you for responding so quickly.

    1. do you have an email we can send to either myspace or facebook so they can contact you if they are willing to use the game?
      I really wanna play im so mad at Gsn how could they without asking us lol

  3. i hope xxsugarrulesxx’s posts help! please try to bring the game back…
    there are many many MANY players on that want that game back real badly.
    everyone is complaining about it, including me… please try something!

  4. I find myself trying to click the words for “90’s Television Shows” every time I get to this page..

    Do something soon :'(

  5. Steve & xxsugarrulesxx

    I hope neither of you mind, I took it upon myself to copy and paste part of your thread here and email it to GSN. Hopefully they will choose to make a move quickly…if they read their own message boards they can see everyone and their grandmother wants this game back up.

    Today was the first time I have logged onto GSN in probably a good 3 years. I was specifically getting on the site for Phrase Frenzy. I’ve now wasted time resetting my password and having my username emailed to me only to be dissappointed!

    Steve, if there is anything you can do to get this game up and running on your site or elsewhere it will be greatly appreciated!

    Love & Peace To All

  6. I found myself looking for this game yesterday on unaware that it had been pulled off the web until coming across this page in a google search today. I haven’t played in almost three years and was looking forward to playing again, so I hope you guys can get it back up and running.


  7. Tesha,
    I’m the same as you, haven’t played it in like 3 yrs and was so looking forward to playing it!!! I hope someone can get GSN’s attention and have them fix whatever problem is going on so we can play again! Or some other game place will somehow upload this game so we can all play again

  8. I have not played ‘Phrase Frenzy’ for a very long time, but I had a craving to yesterday, due to no school. I logged onto GSN, reset my password, and created a new account because my old one had been deleted. I have gone through a ton of trouble to find ‘Phrase Frenzy’, only to be disappointed. I have searched through Google, Yahoo, and MSN, only to find that page after page of searches for ‘Phrase Frenzy’ lead to nowhere. I love this game, and it’s a tool that I use for school, as well as fun. I enjoy this game, and play it with my friends so so so so much!! This is one of my favorite games, and I am so so so SO freaking disappointed to find out that there is not a single site that I have seen on any thing that I have searched.

  9. I’m in the same boat! Logged onto GSN after about 2 years only to be heart broken that Phrase Frenzy is no longer! This game encouraged my little sister to learn to type more quickly so that she could play!! πŸ˜€ Please bring it back in some way and soon! πŸ™‚

  10. I have only been away from the site for about six months now. I used to play with a friend who was a trivia genius but he went off to college. Now that he is back we tried getting online to play only to be very disappointed. This was the only game besides Lingo that I played on GSN – definitely my favorite online game. If there is any way this game could either reappear on GSN or on its own website I think there are a lot of people who would be very appreciative πŸ˜€

  11. today i was really bored and decided to look up the game on gsn and then discovered that it was gone!….i used to love that game and havnt played in a couple of years…soo i really wish they would bring it back.

  12. Was just playing this game a couple months ago as I hadn’t played it for quite awhile either and I couldn’t remember the name to it till I got another account with GSN. I was looking to play today and came across this saying that Phrase Frenzy was off the website right now. I hope they get it back. ONe of these days I would like to beat somebody in that game….lol. Even the computers….lol. Hope they get it up and running again and real soon.

  13. I am also with you. My sister and I live in seperate states and playing phraze frenzy gives us something to do and we also get to talk. I really wish that the game will be back soon. Please contact me if it does come back. I miss it so much.

  14. Ok so Like most of u
    We logged on to Gsn only a Day after a Long Night of
    Playing Phrase Frenzy only to Find that it was gone
    All the friendz N frenimies We made
    We Miss it please Please Please we have to band together
    We kno there will be so many followers this game can b so big
    Y do we need Gsn and the “NEW” set up
    We say put Phrase Frenzy on Its own Website.
    How can we go about this, Can the fans help??
    We will also re-post the conversations Left on this site If
    this Will get Gsn to reply faster

  15. I cannot believe they got rid of Phrase Frenzy. That was my favorite game growing up. My cousins and I would go onto different computers and divide up into teams and play against each other when we were younger. I miss it. I haven’t play in awhile but I had the sudden urge to play today and when I found out it was taken down, I was heartbroken. Is this a joke?


  16. I am so disappointed that Phrase Frenzy was taken away. I know all of my friends are. We used to all play it in highschool together — and recently i looked it up and i could not find it! i miss it! please please bring it back! you obviously have a huge following with it! PLEASEE!!! πŸ™‚

  17. I had not played phrase frenzy in a couple of months, then about a month ago, I logged on to GSN, and searched and searched for phrase frenzy and I could not find it. I was very disappointed that it was not there. I tried playing a different game, but it just was not as satisfying. I have not been on to GSN website since

  18. I am in the same boat right along side all of you. I have not been to the GSN site in a few months, then tonight, had the urge to go play Phrase Frenzy. I logged in, and searched for a while. I was SO disappointed that I was unable to find it. Did a google search and I am. What can we do, as consumers, to get this game back up and running? If not on GSN’s site, then someplace…

    GSN’s other games (which I tried to play instead of PF) are just boring and lame. I will not go back to that site if they leave Phrase Frenzy in the dust..

  19. Im really dissapointed in GSN, first lingo, now phrase frenzy, the other games they have now are quite boring and no where near as mind challenging as these games were! Why is is that everytime i love a game, its pulled? Like family feud on uproar and scrabble and monopoly on!!!!!! ITs so unfair!

  20. Yeah well every year for the week of thanksgiving break me, my cousin, and my sister always play phrase frenzy. and last year my sister died in september and in november me and my cousin still wanted to play and we get on and theres nothing….thats crappy… just because you cant update it doesnt mean you should delete it….it was fun and it actually meant alot to some people….

  21. I e-mailed GSN… I think we all should! Absolutely inundate them with e-mail to bring the game back. You know what they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    I hope this game comes back! I love it! Those of you on Facebook, there’s a group for people addicted to Phrase Frenzy. Let’s pool our resources on both sites and get the ball rolling!

    Any updates?

    1. I think we should try and get the game on myspace or facebook if gsn wont the guy from zeek responded to sumone not too long ago
      maybe we can e-mal a rep at either site and see what happens

  22. I find it highly unfair not to put the game back up! Everyone LOVED it so much and to just take it away is crazy. PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  23. Put Phrase Frenzy on facebook!! That’s an awesome idea! It’s the best game ever, and my mom, sister, and I played it all the time and then one day it was suddenly gone!

  24. I used to sit in class and play with my friends (after our work was done of course) I looked forward to it every day… it not only was a blast but was educational. I miss it like crazy. It was one of the very few games I played on the computer…I get tired of the other ones quickly. I like most of you guys hadn’t played in a while (since I graduated) and I for some reason it popped into my head to play. I’ve searched and searched to find it or another game that’s similar but can’t find it anywhere!!! I really hope it gets back on GSN quick!!!

  25. Please host phrase frenzy somewhere else… It could probably even get its own successful site! We all loved it so much πŸ™

  26. I miss this game! It was the best one, they really need to bring it back somehow. I hope you guys can get it here or somewhere. Keep us posted!

  27. It’d be awesome to host it on Facebook. I just got bored today and decided to play Phrase Frenzy after probably about 2 years & was sad to see it gone from gsn πŸ™

  28. OK, gang. We’ve decided to develop a production schedule for this. However, we need a new name. So, give us your thoughts. We can’t use Phrase Frenzy. What would you call it?

  29. This is so exciting! I’ve missed the game SO much.. can’t wait for its comeback!!

    Hmmm.. a new name! I’m not very original with stuff like this so I’m sure people will give better suggestions… All I got is “Word Herd”. haha

  30. Kevin, there are no “bad” ideas. All ideas help to get to something good. So, don’t judge ’em. Just keep ’em coming. πŸ™‚

  31. I’m also a Phrase Frenzy addict! I was very disapppointed to see it gone from I hope we can get it back soon~! How about calling it, “Phraseology” or “Word War” or “Word Fury” or “Phrase Craze” or “Expression Craze”… I don’t know, I’m just throwing them out there so we can get this game back on~!! πŸ™‚


    1. I haven’t played that game forever… it was awesome! Can’t even remember what my old GSN login name was

  32. I don’t have a suggestion for a new name…I’m not very creative, BUT I did have a question…

    Will the new Phrase Frenzy have updated categories and things? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the original categories, but maybe additional newer categories could be added. Since the original is about 8 years old (if I’ve heard correctly), some new material might be a nice touch to the new game with the new name!

    Also…we’ve got to get LINGO back too!

  33. Loved this game! I’m so glad you guys are working to bring it back. Ideas for a new name:

    Frenetic Phrases
    Frantic Phrase
    Phrase Flow

  34. I like Pop Phrase or Categoria so far… Excellent suggestions! So excited for this to be back..

    Any timeframe?

  35. Yay!! I hope this comes back soon!! I miss this game so much!!
    Some suggestions;
    Catch Phrase
    Hip Quip
    I also like Phraze Craze

  36. I am soo not creative so I have no suggestions,
    but the game NEEDS to come back! I use to play with my mom when i was like 9 and as I grew up I played it. I miss it so much

    Sorry about not having any suggestions!

  37. Please bring this game back soon. I always used to play this game as a little girl with my mom we had so much fun. This game brings back so many good memories! Thanks

  38. This is great! I can’t wait for it to come back. I don’t have any original ideas for the name, but I do like Word Herd and Phrase Craze.

  39. btw we’re biased towards Pop Phrase and Super Phrase lol
    but we like Phrase Craze as well

    we have some other suggestions

    KwiK Witz

    Phrase Races

    Zeekz Geekz (j/k)


    Ha, I Beat you!!

    So ummm If you chose one of ours will u make a character that looks like one of us?? lol

  40. Yes! I can’t wait to have this game back, last night i tryed to go look for it on GSN because i havn’t played it in forever, and i was really mad that it wasnt there!

    hmmm, a new name?
    word phrases

    sorry i don’t have many suggestions!
    but i can’t wait to have the game back:)

  41. Just logged into GSN for the first time in ages and no Phrase Frenzy. πŸ™ Glad someone is working on bringing it back!! Hope it is MAC compatible!!

  42. Oh I miss this game. Was looking for it last night and was so disappointed to find it missing! Please bring it back. But why does the name have to change? Would you change the name of Rubiks Cube?

  43. Why did they take Phrase Frenzy off GSN and what is all this about a name change for it ? Just wondering I havent played it in forever and was just in a phrase frenzy kinda mood today and it was gone.

  44. who cares what the damn name is just bring the game back omg everybody obviously wants to play it still so just change the categories and bring it back.

  45. How about FrenzyFrazes and bring it back now. Come on already. Why don’t they just make the game for Wii or PlayStation or something and get a move on with this.

  46. I keep looking for the phrase frenzy game but it is still not here. When will it come back? I thought it would be here by now. Hurry up please, I would like to play it now.

  47. Hey everyone. I really hope this game is brought up soon, but until, or unless, that happens, come join my new league for bingo america on GSN. It’s not Phrase Frenzy, but it should be a fun game for everyone to play. Just go to and sign up for free. Just use your GSN username as your myleague account to use, and then you can compete in ladder games recorded for statistics, as well as competing in tourneys. All league games and tournaments will be initiated in the Doylestown room for Bingo America, to keep it convenient. Feel free to join today, as you wait for Phrase Frenzy to return finally. GSN has gone quite down hill, but I was thinking a ladder could be something to bring the site back up. Alright later all, hopefully Phrase re-emerges soon.

  48. PLz PLz PLz bring this game back I loved this game so much and I been tryna find it online so that me and my friend brandie can play it and I cant find it any where… where did it go? y is it nowhere??? I just dont get it

  49. Just want to say, its 2015 and I still remember Phrase Frenzy and still love it! Would purchase it for sure if that was on option… Every so often I do a google search to see if someone made any sort of version that is in any way like Phrase Frenzy and I have found NADA! Maybe when I search in 2017 or 2020 there will be something. Here’s hoping…

  50. I’m so sad this game is no where to be found. Nothing comes close to it. I used to play all the time as a teenager and still think about it often. Wish there was something similar.

  51. I used to sit at the computer and play Phrase Frenzy with my mom on the GSN website. We would have so much fun guessing top-grossing movies or popular sandwiches or brands of automobiles. It was the coolest game ever. There was nothing like that game before, and there is nothing like that game currently. It really wouldn’t be hard for someone to come up with the same concept and give it a different name. And honestly, I would pay to play that game because it is so addictively fun.

    Basically it would have a category and a list of blanked out phrases, and slowly it would generate letters on the board over time. You had to beat others to try and find the missing phrases and complete the board within the time limit. Points were given based on the amount of successful phrases you completed. It was a lot of fun.

    I hope someone someday brings back a game close to it!

  52. Dear Steve Zehngut & Jeff Turner (if you guys still work for Zeek?):

    Omg…I haven’t been on your site for a while so, I re-read all the posts from your incredibly avid fans of Phrase Frenzy and I wanted to see if there were any updates from the two of you. I used to receive notifications anytime someone posted here. However, I stopped receiving them years ago.

    Do you realize or have you noticed that people have been posting for 6 years and 4 months about this game (not including my post which would make it 7 years and 2 months)?? Frankly, I have never seen anything like it. I have never seen such a widely diverse group of enthusiasts with this kind of devotion. Think about it: After people go to GSN to find the game was taken down, they all love it so much that they started searching the internet for answers and for the game (possibly on another site). Then, there’s the group of fans who either don’t have the time or idea to go searching. Then, there’s the group of fans who come here, read all the posts, but don’t post anything themselves. You get the idea.

    Let’s add to that: Jeff – when you asked for ideas for a new name for this game back in 2010, 13 people responded with a total of 34 name ideas! That’s a pretty darn good start! Furthermore, after you made this post, many many many people expressed their genuine excitement for the game’s return that you discussed or, at least, strongly implied in that post.

    To review what transpired over a period of a year (between 2009 & 2010):

    8/14/09: Steve said you’re reviewing your options for the game & will keep us posted.

    1/25/10: Jeff said that you’re really working on getting the [game back up and running].

    2/18/10: Jeff said that you’ve decided to develop a production schedule. However (the “however” implies that there’s a potential obstacle that must be surmounted) you needed to rename the game and you asked for ideas.

    People immediately jumped on this and proposed a terrific and lengthy list of possible new names for Phrase Frenzy. We can only assume that they immediately began giving you names so you could start working on the game right away.

    Like I said, I re-read every single post and failed to find any update from either of you after 3/18/10. I only found a link that Jeff posted on that day ( I was disappointed when I clicked on it to be taken to a page that says, “Oops! That page can’t be found.” It suggested I search, yet each search (phrase frenzy, phrase frenzy fans, update, etc.), turned up no results. I also saw a suggestion to check the monthly archives, yet I couldn’t find the archives even when I performed a search. Furthermore, after you posted this link on March 18, 2010, I’m not sure any of the Phrase Frenzy fan posts which followed addressed it. At least no posts reference it directly.

    So many people, as you can see, love this game and continue to search for it even 7 years after it was taken down from GSN’s site. As well, numerous people said it was their favorite game on the internet. It’s an intelligent game and you obviously have an intelligent audience – one who (at least some mentioned) would even be willing to pay to play (which might help you with production). This group did not say their favorite online games included shooting little birds or jumping through hoops and over little hills.

    It’s so popular, someone created a Facebook group called “Addicted to Phrase Frenzy.”

    But, I digress…excuse me. Back to the point. This group on your site has not received a viable update from your company (specifically Steve or Jeff) in a little over 6 years. Meanwhile, people have continued to post throughout that entire time. Additionally, people went out of their way to come up with more than 30 new names for the game. Since nothing has been posted, are we to assume that it was all in vain? Or, have you already re-established the game under a different name and forgot to let us know?

    We’ve been waiting a tremendous amount of time for the game’s return. Moreover, promises have been made with no visible results. The last “promise” was that you had decided to develop a production schedule. Cool (we all said)! But, could it really take 7 years? We’ve been inordinately patient, polite, courteous, complimentary beyond words, shown gratitude, on and on. We have heard nothing in 6 years and cannot access that update page.

    Please be kind enough to show us the same courtesies we have afforded you by providing us with an update. And, if it’s possible, I would love to receive notifications again when posts are made here.

    Thank you for your time’s

  53. yes, still wanting to play phrase frenzy…it’s a must it comes back… all these years and I still crave to play…ugh…bring it back

  54. Loved this game. Don’t know why I still bother checking for updates—pretty sure if this game were to be reinvented in app form it would be insanely popular, and we’d all know about it!

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