Philip Newcomer

Steve Zehngut - January 11, 2017

gravatar-512 Philip got his start in coding while still in middle school by copying BASIC programs from a book into an MS-DOS 3 machine. His first web pages were letters to friends created as HTML documents, sent on floppy disks through the mail. Eventually he discovered PHP, dynamic sites, and WordPress, and things really took off from there. Prior to working in an agency setting, Philip worked for several years as a freelancer, and has developed and sold several premium WordPress themes. He has also contributed a number of plugins to the plugin repository. Philip is passionate about open source, clean and elegant code, and easy-to-use interfaces, and as a lifelong learner tries to learn something new every day.

When he’s not in front of a computer screen, you’ll most likely find him outdoors working on his family’s homestead in rural Maine, or traversing the great outdoors via foot or canoe. He enjoys photography, gardening, a good book, and spending quality time with his family.