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When you have serious challenges (like scalability, integration, high availability), you don’t want an agency to learn on the job. That’s why people hire us. We start where others end.

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Staff augmentation

When you need someone to come alongside your team to help speed things up, we’re the technology partner you can trust.

Custom development

Whether you need a custom mobile app, a new website, or a new SaaS built, we’re the experts you can count on to get it done.


If your site is running slow, you may need a refresh. We’ll upgrade your tech stack to make everything run lightning fast.

Who We Help

We’re not likely the first agency you’ve ever worked with. But we might just be your last. We have a track record of helping companies just like yours.

Customers whose developer has disappeared

If you’re like many of our customers, you’ve had a developer “ghost” you. Whether they quit unexpectedly or just disappeared, we’re comfortable picking up where they left off.

Customers whose agency is stuck or painfully slow

Let’s be honest. Sometimes an agency bites off more than it can chew. They get stuck and don’t know what to do next. That’s where we step in and help you get going again.

Customers who were told their project is impossible

If you can imagine it, why would you want to listen to someone who tells you that it’s impossible. Someone else’s lack of imagination shouldn’t limit you. We surely won’t.

Customers whose sites are really slow

Performance isn’t like a light switch you toggle on or off. It takes years of experience to know where to look, what to change, and how to make sure you don’t make things worse as you make those changes.

What We Do

Website Refresh

If your website hasn’t had a makeover in the last 24 months, it’s likely slower than it needs to be and not delivering the results it can be.

Mobile Apps

People leave home with their keys, wallet and phones. We can’t build apps for two of those things, but a mobile app is the best way to be everywhere your clients are.

eCommerce Stores

Generating revenue online doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it out to be. We’re experts in the space and have helped folks just like you.

Site Performance Enhancements

Google hates slow sites, and so do we. Let us help evaluate your site’s performance and create a plan for optimizing the performance of your site.

Headless eCommerce / Headless CMS

Merchants looking to move to the next level are considering a headless approach - where you get a best of breeds approach to eCommerce.

SaaS Platforms / Custom Development

When your team needs custom development or the creation of a SaaS, we’ll happily help you get there. Check out our case studies!

Featured Case Studies

No customer ever hired us because of our approach to writing code. They hire us for results. These are the stories of those results.

Rudis: headless ecommerce for a blazing fast web application

Page Speed Increase

RUDIS is a high-volume e-commerce brand that needed a scalable, stable platform that supported its ambitious speed goals. They required a lightning-fast website to match. The innovative change in architecture that Zeek brought about for Rudis meant the store was much faster, even under heavy traffic. And what made the investment worth it was the increased capacity and scale that Zeek provided for Rudis with a headless WooCommerce deployment.

Pathfinder SEO: building a SaaS solution with WordPress

Admin Touch Reduction

Pathfinder SEO was consumed with administrative headaches. Before hiring Zeek, Pathfinder SEO had hired another developer to build a custom plugin, but they were experiencing challenges with the approach they were taking. Zeek was able to solve this problem by developing a SaaS to handle subscription payments that integrated tightly with WordPress. Now Pathfinder SEO runs smoothly without any issues. Pathfinder calls this execution a “game-changer” and we agree. The new platform kick-started real revenue growth.

UtopiaVR: APIs and integrations bring prototypes to life

Increased Subscription Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Utopia VR set out to build a robust website with an integrated mobile app and needed a development partner. Some agencies focus on building websites. Or mobile apps. They focus on strategy. Or writing code. But Zeek isn't like most agencies. Zeek turned their proof of concept into a fully functional prototype and brought this startup’s big vision to life. From strategic consulting and user interface design to website and mobile app engineering, our close collaboration with Utopia VR helped take their business to the next level.

Another vendor recommended Zeek and after one call with Steve, I knew we had found our partner. It’s next to impossible to find a one-stop shop with skilled developers in both website development and app development, but that’s what we found with Zeek. They got us up and running in a very reasonable timeline and the price was extremely fair for the quality of work they delivered. I’m very impressed with the whole team.

Martin Carleton
Utopia VR

Getting our search engine optimization software to market was a challenge. With our previous developer, work was often late and only partially done. After many months, we had a barely- working proof of concept. Accepting the need to redevelop our software with a new partner was tough, but we wanted to move to Recurly and Zeek came highly recommended.

Lindsey Halsey
Pathfinder SEO

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