We believe the future of computing is the integration of web, SaaS, and mobile solutions.

If you’re tired of three different “partners” pointing fingers at each other, maybe it’s time to try an alternative approach.

We take responsibility over complex projects so you can focus on your core competencies.

Your Expectation of Normal

  • That's not our problem.
  • Can you email me or text me?
  • We're going to need more money.
  • chirp chirp

Our Normal

  • We will handle it.
  • Let's get on a call.
  • Let's plan ahead so there aren't surprises.
  • We'll keep you updated weekly.

Our Expertise, Your Success

At Zeek Interactive, our software engineers and project managers collaborate with your staff to reach your business goals. Our proven track record over twenty years speaks for itself, as does the number of times our clients come back again.

Why Choose Us?


Flexible Approach

Our preferred approach to projects is to begin with a discovery phase that helps us collaborate on a scope of work. Our preference is to bill weekly for our work, allowing our clients to extend or shrink the scope as a project proceeds. But these are our preferences. We work with a variety of clients with a variety of preferences.


Risk-Free Project Execution

We will never hold your code hostage. From the moment we start writing code, we work on in a shared development environment where you have access to your code the whole time. So there’s never a risk that we’ll take off with your code.


Total Solutions

We recognize that your projects may require more than what we bring to the table in terms of expertise. And we will never learn on your dime. To that end, we have a variety of partnerships and can recommend additional companies that can help you with security audits, search engine optimization and more. We’ll only do what we’re best at and we’ll be up front about it.

What Can We Build With You Today?

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