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Let’s Uncomplicate Development!

Helping Online Businesses Thrive by Developing Websites and Technology that Actually Work.


Developers that Speak Human

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Better Performing Websites

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Your success hinges on your website and technology NOT FAILING you.

Your business is too important to fall into the hands of a development team that ghosts you.

(That is until they surprise you with a bill for "additional services" you didn't approve.)

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Going the Extra Mile

Developing Your Success

Anyone can provide a service, but strategizing the BEST service for your long-term success makes us who we are. You deserve more than a band-aid or quick fix. We listen and partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

Open Lines of Communication

It is not your job to babysit your development team. We have intentional systems in place to give you regular, scheduled updates on your project, so you aren't left guessing.

Clear Strategy Just for You

Want more than a cookie cutter answer? After listening to every detail about your needs, we’ll create a custom plan together. Your technology deserves solutions that fit your unique business.

Stop saying “Why isn’t this working?”

We hear you! As you run your business, it's distracting to think:

  • "Why isn't my website bringing in new leads?"
  • "My website is too complicated!"
  • "This project should have been finished ages ago!"
  • "My business relies on this technology, but it's not doing its job!"

With 30+ years of experience, our award-winning team creates custom solutions for websites, apps, and SaaS products to help businesses like yours run more efficiently, so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

What others are saying about us

We've partnered with Zeek Interactive to develop, maintain, and evolve our SaaS platform since 2018. As non-technical founders, we appreciate their technical capabilities and, even more importantly, their team's ability to communicate and collaborate. While Zeek may be our outsourced technical department, they function like an integral part of our in-house team.
Lindsay Halsey - Co-Founder, Pathfinder SEO and webShine
I could have hired my own development team at @MotivationsAI. Likely 3-4 people to start. That’s 600k easy. Then add benefits and stuff. Plus, you don’t build a team for just one year. So multiply it by 3. That’s a $2MM investment. Instead I hired @zeekinteractive.
Chris Lema - CEO, Motivations AI
I have the privilege of seeing the impact it has on our clients that I wish I could bottle up and send to you. Suffice it to say that MANY lives will change direction for the better due to the work that you’re enabling!
Rod Penner - VP of Growth, Motivations AI
Our partnership with Zeek has been a game-changer. Their swift responsiveness during crucial moments and their insightful technology recommendations for our website's scalability have solidified our trust in them. Zeek isn't just a vendor; they're an integral part of our team, ensuring our digital presence aligns with our mission and our members.
Josh Black - National Secretary, Association of Professional Flight Attendants
Partnering with Zeek transformed our workflow, seamlessly merging our previously manual data processes into an automated cohesive platform. Their innovative tools not only enhanced our efficiency but also empowered us with actionable insights. Thanks to Zeek, we’re delivering even greater value to our clients.
Mark - Co-Founder, EP

How It Works

1. Schedule a Call

Let's have a "no-pressure" chat about the problem you need to solve. No obligation necessary. We're simply confirming that we can help.

2. Create a Plan

Together, we'll architect the solution your business needs.

3. We Get to Work

Zeek dives in "head first" to build what your business deserves, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

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Say Goodbye to Broken Software!

Businesses jump through hoops trying to get their technology to work for them. They are left stranded by development teams that lack communication and then end up confronted with random surprise bills. With full project transparency, we partner with you for all of your business software needs. Breathe a sigh of relief while we help get your technology running smoothly.

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