At Zeek, We Answer Our Phones

Steve Zehngut - July 7, 2017

Do us a favor: before you call us to get a quote for a project, call all of our competitors. We’re not talking about filling out forms. We’re not talking about emails. We’re specifically talking about calling digital agencies.

Call them and see if they answer their phones. Leave them a voicemail and see if they call you back.

If you’re like most of our customers, you will discover that no one answers their phones. And if you leave a message, you likely won’t get many returned calls.

The world of Twitter DMs, Texts & Facebook Messenger

Gallup notes that texting is more used by people under 50 than any other medium for communication.

Everyone is texting, or using Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

As noted by Quiq, “fully 97% of smartphone owners regularly use text messaging, making it the most widely-used basic feature or app.”

If you use those channels to contact us, we’ll respond. We’re not against leveraging technology. We’ve been using it for over twenty years.

But we’re also not anti-phone. We don’t hate the sounds of our voices, and we’re comfortable with the tough questions.

We don’t need hours to craft a response. Because of that, we do things a bit differently.

When you call, we answer.

We answer our phones. We answer the calls you make, and when we can’t answer them because we’re on another call, we call you back.

It’s silly that a simple thing like being willing (and able) to talk on the phone is a differentiator, but we’ve found that for 3 out of every 4 folks that reach us, they’ve tried calling others and gotten no response.

We’re professional about the code we write, about the mobile apps we create, and about the sites we deploy. But it all starts with first impressions – and we want your first impression to be equally professional.

So give us a call. We promise we’ll answer.