Your customers don’t think about technology – they’re focused on what’s important to them. Right then. Our software engineers, mobile app developers, designers and project managers work together, ensuring that you’re aligned with your customers, every step of the way.

Are you our perfect customer?

For more than twenty years, we’ve been doing digital work and we’ve noticed that we work best with a certain kind of customer. See if this sounds like you:

Our customers...

  • want to speed up their internal projects
  • need mobile, SaaS, and website expertise
  • want partners that come alongside internal efforts
  • want strategic advice about their projects

Does That Sound Like You?

If that sounds like you, then you may also have this in common with many of our existing or past customers who have enjoyed working with us:

Our customers...

  • have clarity about their business objectives
  • are prepared to do some work of their own
  • are experts in their field, knowing we are too
  • have a clear sense of their budget

We Work a Bit Differently Than Other Digital Agencies

One of the things we want to get clear about upfront is the fact that we work a bit differently than many other digital agencies. Here’s a quick rundown on how we’re different.

  • We Make Sure You Own Your Code The Whole Time We're Working On It.

    We don’t hold your code ransom until we get the last payment. The code is placed in an online repository that you can access and manage as easily as we can. Our goal is to collaborate with you as a partner, not as a hostage taker.

  • We start with a fixed fee and then move to hourly billing (by month).

    We know a lot of agencies work either on fixed fee projects or on projects using a time and materials approach. Our approach is a hybrid. We do a fixed fee discovery project followed by a time and materials contract going forward. This allows you to change priorities mid-project, which others often don’t allow. Again, it’s what a partner would do.

  • We put your projects on hold if you go silent for two weeks.

    We treat you like a partner, but we want to be treated that way as well. We understand things come up. But if our customers go two weeks without responding to us, we take that as a sign that the project has shifted priorities and we take it off our active queue. This means we’ll have to kick things off again, and find the right time in our schedules, to get working on it. It’s reasonable and we hope you understand.

  • We use change orders, but our driving dynamic is common sense.

    We know that mid-project you may discover that you need us to change what we’re doing. We’re ok with that, and often expect it. That won’t necessarily require a change order, if we can all agree on what it means on the overall impact of a project. But in all things, our focus is to be partner. It’s what reasonable people do.

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