Information on Offshore Contracting Agreements at Zeek

Zeek is open to collaborating with skilled individuals worldwide through offshore contracting agreements. If you are exploring the possibility of working with us in this capacity, it’s important to understand the key aspects of our approach and requirements. Here’s an overview of what you should know:

Contractor Agreement: We begin by creating a detailed contractor agreement. This agreement clearly defines the scope of work, payment terms, contract duration, and crucial terms, ensuring the role is established as a contractor, not an employee, to prevent misclassification.

Core Working Hours: It’s important to highlight that our core business hours are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) in the U.S. While we maintain a degree of flexibility, we find it essential that a significant portion of your work aligns with these hours. This alignment is crucial for effective real-time communication with team members, attendance in client meetings, and overall integration into our workflow. Understanding and accommodating this requirement will be key in ensuring a smooth and cohesive working relationship.

No Medical, Dental, or Vision Insurance, or Retirement Benefits: It’s important to note that our offshore contractor relationships do not include medical, dental, or vision insurance, nor retirement benefits.

Compliance with Local and International Laws: Both parties must ensure that the arrangement adheres to relevant local laws in the contractor’s country. This covers aspects like tax obligations, social security contributions, and statutory benefits. Compliance is vital for a smooth and lawful collaboration.

Tax Implications and Reporting: As a contractor, you will be responsible for managing and paying your local taxes. We will be responsible for adhering to U.S. reporting obligations, ensuring all legal requirements are met.

Contractor Compensation Considerations: Be aware that the pay range for offshore contractors may differ from what we typically offer to U.S.-authorized employees. This variance accounts for different living costs, market standards in various regions, distinct tax implications for contractors, and other relevant factors. We are committed to ensuring that our compensation packages are competitive and fair, reflecting the unique circumstances and requirements of each working arrangement. The specifics regarding pay will be discussed and clearly outlined in the contracting agreement.

Payment Arrangements: We aim for simplicity and efficiency in our payment arrangements, taking into account factors such as currency exchange and transaction fees to ensure a smooth financial process.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality: The agreement will robustly cover intellectual property rights and confidentiality, crucial elements given the remote and international nature of the work.

References: As part of our engagement process, we require references from businesses or similar entities. These references are crucial in helping us understand your professional background and work ethic. While we accept international references, we have a strong preference for those from U.S.-based entities, as they often align more closely with our operational standards and requirements. This step ensures that our collaboration is built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding, contributing to a successful and productive working relationship.

If this opportunity aligns with your professional goals and you’re interested in moving forward, we’d be delighted to discuss further. Please feel free to apply and move through our application process.

We look forward to potentially working with you and embracing the diversity and talent that global collaboration brings.