Our Process

At Zeek, we are big believers in transparency. Our clients know exactly what we are working on at any given time. There is no guesswork and there are no surprises.

We also understand our role in this relationship. Simply put, we work for you. The work product that we develop is owned by you and this happens from Day 1. Our clients have access to the source code throughout our entire process.

Planning & Discovery

At the start of a project, we’ll sit down and discuss the goals of your project, and how you see those best accomplished.  Based on that discussion, we will create initial wireframes that demonstrate the functionality and user interactions for your project.  After your review and approval, we proceed into design.

We typically go through three formal rounds of design.  The first round provides 2-3 options for one primary screen.  The second round combines your feedback from the first round, and establishes the overall design principles for your project.  The third round pulls those design principles into a small set of additional screens.

Agile Development

Our system ensures that your feedback gets incorporated into the site as we develop. Because change is inevitable during the course of a project, we have systems in place that allow for flexibility during development.

After design, we will establish deliverable milestones.  These will be small deliveries of complete functionality.  Every week, you will receive an updated version of your project.  We will have a call to review the newly implemented features, gather your feedback, and discuss the next week’s deliverable together.

Every week on this call, you will be able to influence the direction of the project.  You will see what has been created so far, you will be able to provide feedback, and you will be able to influence what features are developed next.  We depend on a highly involved client during this iterative process, so that the final product reflects your needs.

Project Management and Schedules

We use assembla.com to track our projects. Our entire team communicates on Assembla during the development process and you will have access throughout so that you can always know the status of your project, download files, or check on the status of issues.

We operate on a two week cycle.  Initial development for a milestone is one week, followed by a week of testing and bug fixing.  At the end of the 2 week cycle, the product is delivered for your review.  Once the cycle starts, you receive the tested product iteration weekly.

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