BeautyCon was developed by Zeek Interactive to be the online base of operations for one of the top media outlets, conferences, and community, catering to the biggest influencers in the beauty industry. They cover culture, trending news, fashion and beauty, content creators, and other important issues.

This site combines editorial content, subscription services, e-commerce, and their international conference events in a way to appeal best to their core demographic of young beauty, fashion, and culture enthusiasts and influencers.

Key Features

PROGRAMMING: Developed in PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, and MySQL, with WordPress.

CMS: WordPress is a user-friendly content management system that gives BeautyCon full control over all content at all times without having to edit code.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: BeautyCon members can buy annual or quarterly subscriptions that allow them to access exclusive online content, exclusive experiences at BeautyCon events around the world, and to receive exclusive gift packages in the mail four times a year. This is done programmatically, leveraging WordPress and WooCommerce.

E-COMMERCE Custom WooCommerce templates to showcase apparel and accessories for sale.

SOCIAL MEDIA: BeautyCon members can share photos of their favorite fashion and makeup looks, favorite looks posted by others, follow other users, and participate in forum discussions on a multitude of topics.