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Custom WordPress Theme Development, WooCommerce Store Creation, and Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development

Marc Pro is a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation device that helps muscles recover faster and reduces pain, allowing professional and everyday athletes to perform and feel their best. The patented technology takes active recovery to the next level with non-fatiguing muscle activation, flushing out waste, and delivering nourishment to any target area with ease.

While Marc Pro works with some of the most elite organizations in the country and has sold devices to players and trainers from over 100 professional and amateur teams, their website faced numerous challenges, including a non-functioning eCommerce store.

The original Marc Pro site used WooCommerce Subscriptions to manage payment plans. Unfortunately, with a subscription, when a customers misses a payment, the subscription ends and the relationship is over. This was problematic for Marc Pro because the physical product is shipped upon successful completion of the first payment and if a payment is missed, the company still must recover the missed payment and continue to process the remaining payments until the product is paid in full. What Marc Pro needed is a payment plan platform that will continue to charge all remaining payments regardless of transaction status.

Zeek Interactive partnered with Marc Pro to rebuild the entire site and create a whole new eCommerce store that supports robust payment plan options.

Key Features

DESIGN:  At Zeek, we understand that clients often have established relationships and trusted partners in place and pride ourselves on the ability to collaborate and seamlessly integrate with in-house and partner teams. For the design of the Marc Pro website project, Zeek worked with a partner design agency to create a new WordPress theme.

PROGRAMMING: The website was developed in PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL with WordPress. WordPress is an open-source, user-friendly content management system that allows the Marc Pro internal team to manage the website and all of its content and media without needing to edit code or engage a developer.

CUSTOM PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT:  Zeek replaced WooCommerce Subscriptions with a new payment plan system built from the ground up as a custom WooCommerce add-on. This plugin is a recurring transaction manager that supports payment plans, missed payment recovery, account management, and coupons, and solves the challenges that come with collecting tax on a payment plan.

COUPONS:  When dealing with subscriptions and payment plans, coupons are a challenge. To provide Marc Pro a simple way to manage coupons, Zeek included coupon support in the eCommerce store platform that assigns the coupon amount to the master order and applies the coupon to each individual transaction of a payment plan, not just the first transaction.

TAXES:  When selling physical products through an eCommerce store, considerations must be made for the collection of taxes at the appropriate time. When providing customers the option to pay for a physical product with a payment plan, the total is split into multiple payments, but 100% of the taxes must be calculated and collected up front with the first payment. With this in mind, Zeek added tax management functionality to the store platform.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT:  With the rollout of the new Marc Pro site, customers for the first time have the ability to see total amount owed, total amount paid, total amount remaining, and total amount past due in their account dashboard.

CUSTOMER MIGRATION:  While all new orders would be processed on the new system, Marc Pro has existing orders and subscriptions in progress on the old system. To avoid the requirement of running both payment systems concurrently until all past subscriptions were completed, Zeek built a migration tool to convert all existing subscriptions to the new WooCommerce payment plan platform. The migration tool ran the day of the website launch and successfully converted all existing subscription to payment plans with no downtime and no service interruption.

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