Mobile Illumination

Custom iPhone App, Website, And Custom Content Management System Design And Development With Swift and Laravel

Mobile Illumination provides unparalleled outdoor lighting design and installation services for commercial properties, municipalities, and residences throughout Southern California. The company’s designers, engineers, and installation crews deliver extraordinary illuminated experiences for clients including entertainment venues like the Hollywood Bowl, hotel resorts like the Four Seasons, and retail centers like the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

Zeek partnered with Mobile Illumination to create a robust iPhone app powered by a lightweight back-end website used to manage product inventory, create purchase orders, handle jobs and inventory reservations, track inventory usage, improve warehouse efficiencies, generate client reports, and more.

While extensive planning went into the app design and functionality, Zeek used an organic, collaborative process to create the app. Our team worked closely with the Mobile Illumination team to build the app in stages, provide MVPs along the way for testing, and gather feedback. This ensured the custom software aligned with the company’s natural workflow and streamlined operations.

Key Features

DESIGN: Our team provided the design and engineering for the iPhone app and custom website content management system. With a minimalist, mobile-first approach, the design creates a simple, easy to use interface that doesn’t get in the way of the work that needs to be done.

PROGRAMMING: The iPhone app was built with Swift and the custom website and content management system were built using Laravel with an integration with Algolia for advanced search functionality.

QR CODE SCANNER: Before, jobs and inventory were managed on paper and in excel spreadsheets. Now with the app and a built-in QR code scanner that uses the iPhone camera, employees have everything they need right at their fingertips to manage an entire job and the inventory required from start to finish.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Within the app, Mobile Illumination employees can manage everything to do with inventory management, including pulling inventory, getting it onto trucks, tracking its delivery to job sites, documenting what was used, checking products in after use, and returning them to the warehouse. In the back-end, employees can also create purchase orders for new inventory, and generate reports.

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