Pathfinder SEO

Custom SaaS Platform Development Powered By WordPress And A Custom Recurly Integration

Pathfinder SEO

Pathfinder SEO is a subscription-based service that provides a clear search engine optimization process for business owners and freelancers called Guided SEO. Through their Guided SEO services, Pathfinder SEO presents clients with an SEO map, critical tools, and a coach to come alongside them and guide them along the journey.

After facing challenges getting their WordPress powered SaaS product to market with a recurring billing solution that worked, Pathfinder SEO wanted to pivot to the recurring subscription platform Recurly. That’s where Zeek stepped in.

Zeek has been building SaaS products that leverage WordPress for years and requests to integrate with Recurly have dramatically increased over the past couple of years. For Pathfinder SEO, we rebuilt their SaaS product with custom WordPress engineering and the Recurly integration in weekly sprints to get the new product to market in time for a public launch at a live industry event.

Key Features

PROGRAMMING: The website is developed in PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL with WordPress. It integrates Recurly for custom payment plan options and terms, payment processing, coupon codes, customer account management, involuntary churn management and dunning, and membership content protection.

CMS: WordPress is an open-source, user-friendly content management system that allows the Pathfinder SEO team to manage the website and all of its content and media without needing to edit code or engage a developer.

WORDPRESS POWERED SAAS: Leveraging WordPress is a often a smart choice for SaaS products because it comes with login screens, users, roles and responsibilities, and a fast way to build screens. The challenges of building a SaaS on top of WordPress appear, however, when you start thinking about billing, especially when your billing terms become more complicated than your plugin can handle. When we help clients build SaaS applications, one of our first priorities is figuring out how payments will be structured. We then help them understand how Recurly works and what features are available.

RECURLY: Recurly provides enterprise-class subscription billing and recurring billing management for thousands of businesses worldwide. With Recurly, clients can choose from a variety of payment gateways like Stripe,, PayPal, and more. This means that if Pathfinder SEO later decides to change payment gateways, they can do it within Recurly. This means Recurly remains the subscription engine that manages payments, the gateway switch becomes a behind-the-scenes change, and there is little to no impact on customers.

CONTINUED PARTNERSHIP: We continue to work with Pathfinder SEO on an ongoing basis to provide software support and bring new features to life.

“Working with the Zeek Interactive team has been a game changer.

Before hiring Zeek, our time was consumed with the administrative side of managing a subscription-based business and everything that comes with building a SaaS platform. But now Pathfinder SEO runs smoothly without any issues, our customers require almost no support relating to managing their account, and our subscriber base is steadily growing. This has enabled us to bring our attention back to the product and the future.

The team communicated regularly, collaborated throughout the process, delivered work on time, and invested in QA so the quality of work was always top-notch. We also appreciated that Zeek allowed us to drive the direction of our work together, but stepped in when needed to share their experience and expertise and help us make the best decisions for the long-term health of our business and our customers.”

Lindsay Halsey
Pathfinder SEO

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