Liquid Web Plugin Reporter

Custom SaaS Product Developed In Laravel

Liquid Web delivers purpose-built hosting for mission critical sites, stores, and apps. Their robust Managed WordPress Hosting has raised the bar industry-wide and their high-performance Managed WooCommerce Platform has created a whole new hosting category designed especially for store owners and their unique needs.

As a managed hosting company, WordPress customers expect Liquid Web to know about problems early, handle them quickly, and present solutions as fast as possible. The problem is that every customer site at Liquid Web runs inside a virtual private server. While this is great for the customer and even better for performance, it makes it difficult for the company to quickly address a problem or vulnerability with a specific plugin.

For example, if there is a malware issue with a specific plugin, Liquid Web needs to know how widespread the problem is and what customers it affects, which is exactly why Liquid Web hired Zeek.

Zeek designed and built Plugin Reporter, a custom internal Saas solution that gives Liquid Web the ability to identify the information needed to determine the best next step and provide solutions for its customers with just a couple clicks.

Key Features

DESIGN:  Liquid Web approached Zeek with the idea for Plugin Reporter and explained how they wanted it to work and what it needed to do, and the Zeek team ran with it. Our team handled the planning, design, development, testing, and launch. The SaaS software leverages a minimalist design approach to simplify the user interface and keep the content and data front and center.

PROGRAMMING:  Plugin Reporter is a SaaS product built with Laravel that displays collected data in visual graph, chart, and list formats and allows filtering for customized results and reporting.

HOW IT WORKS:  A small piece of code is added to each WordPress site hosted at Liquid Web that pulls basic non-sensitive data like the domain name, the plugins installed, and the version number of each plugin. That data is sent to the Plugin Reporter SaaS, which collects it, processes it, and provides a simple UI that is easy to navigate. With a click or two of the mouse, the Liquid Web team can see the number of sites running a specific plugin, the number of installs per version, the percentage of sites using the plugin/versions, and the domains using the plugin.

THE RESULTS:  In the past, when a major security vulnerability was discovered within a WordPress plugin, the Liquid Web engineering and product teams would work through it, often tying up valuable resources for an entire day or more, but with Plugin Reporter, the company is able to reach a solution grounded in real-time data in about five minutes.

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