Prudential Lighting

Prudential Lighting has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing architectural lighting fixtures in Los Angeles since 1955. As one of the nation’s top architectural luminary companies, Prudential Lighting is paving the way for new illumination technologies and elevating the industry standard. With an enviable list of IES and PIA awards, the company serves clients ranging from major retail outlets and libraries to concert halls and office spaces.

The company’s website was lacking the latest technology, and not using responsive design, which was a problem when one-third of their site visitors are using a smartphone. Every change to the website required getting their web agency involved, requests took a long time to complete, and the site was difficult to use.

Prudential Lighting wanted a site that was new and different—something that had never been done before in the lighting industry. They knew they wanted to move to WordPress, discovered Zeek through our leadership of the Orange County WordPress community, and hired us to redesign the site, provide multiple ways to access information, and create a better process for accessing spec sheets and critical product information.