Custom Laravel eCommerce Store Design And Development For An Existing Website celebrates strength in every shape and form. The company is an online supplement store, that provides clean and superior vitamins and supplements for the everyday athlete at a low price and trusted information and education to support you with every part of your fitness journey.

A previous Zeek Interactive client purchased this business, which included the brand, URL, and website. Unfortunately, the eCommerce portion of the site didn’t work, which meant that products were for sale but visitors were unable to buy them. As a result, Zeek was hired to completely refactor the site and build out a fully functioning eCommerce store.

Key Features

DESIGN:  As it is the case with many Zeek clients, came to us with a existing site that needed work. With a design in place that the client was happy with, our job was to maintain the visual look and feel as we worked within the site and ensure the new eCommerce store seamlessly integrated with the rest of the site for a consistent visual experience across the entire site.

PROGRAMMING: is built with Laravel. Our team stepped into to this existing codebase, evaluated it’s quality, and refactored the necessary code to not only bring the site up to current web standards and best practices but make the publishing workflow easier. We also build out a complete eCommerce supplement store that allows visitors to shop by brand or by product type and manage their accounts and orders.

INTEGRATIONS:  Integrations were built into the store for affiliates and Share-a-Sale, Amazon Pay, AWS, Facebook, LimeLight, and ShipStation.

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