Custom Subscription And Recurring Billing Store Platform Powered By WordPress And Recurly

From PCs and Macs, to iOS and Android, to connected devices like home automation systems, home theaters, wearables, gaming systems, and even drones provides world-class tech support services for individuals, businesses, and global brands. reached out to Zeek because their customer support portal was experiencing problems and they needed to overhaul the way recurring transactions were handled. With extensive experience engineering subscription-based products and websites, our team rebuilt the subscription system portal to create a foundation for reliable recurring transactions that can be duplicated across the company’s portfolio of sites.

Key Features

PROGRAMMING: Zeek rebuilt the store platform for It is developed in PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL with WordPress and integrates Recurly to handle the subscription and recurring billing management.

RECURLY: Recurly provides enterprise-class subscription billing and recurring billing management for thousands of businesses worldwide. To create’s custom subscription engine, Zeek built a custom subscription plugin that hooks into the Recurly API.

PLATFORM INTEGRATION: encompasses a large network of sites, which meant the subscription portal needed to not only work with their existing code-base and provide a seamless experience but interface with the available customer account data. Now, when a user is logged into their account, all order fields are automatically populated with their data, which reduced friction and made it easier to complete a transaction.

COLLABORATION: At Zeek, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, adaptability, and collaborative approach. Our engineering team worked closely with the internal team to ensure the store platform would be able to power all of the other things the company is building and we continue to work with them on an ongoing basis.