Product Advisory

“If you protect people from their bad ideas, they’ll gladly pay you to help with their good ones.” – Chris Lema

Sometimes all you need is a little strategy help

When you’re thinking about a new project or product, sometimes it’s helpful to do the brainstorming with someone that has a different experience base than you do. A company that has taken a lot of products to market for their clients, and has worked on tons of web projects.

We have the experience you’re looking for when you want to talk about go-to-market strategy, when you want to talk pricing strategy, or when you want to talk about the technical strategy to limit your investment. When it comes to development, software engineering and strategy, we’re able to come alongside your strategy work.

Sometimes you need help defining a product

We’ve worked with clients who walk in the door saying they need one kind of project, and after we’re done with a set of questions realize they need help with a completely different project. That’s because our evaluation framework helps companies get to the core of what they want (from a business perspective) and our team is able to help conceptualize a variety of ways to get there.

It’s when you have choices that you can make the best decision possible. Our team has the product and technology experience to help create multiple solutions, multiple approaches to any particular challenge. And when you leverage our team that way, you can define your product more effectively and skip over the wasted time and expense of multiple iterations.

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes

It is not irregular for clients to come in after working with several developers, only to tell us what is frustrating about the money they’ve already spent. Instead of waiting until you get to that point, it may be helpful to you to do what some of our client do. Ask us to look over what someone else is doing.

Our mobile app developers, web developers and software engineers are happy to review what you’ve done so far and ask you the kinds of questions that get to the heart of your next steps. Before your developer disappears because they’re annoyed at all your requests, or before you fire them because they can’t seem to make changes, let us take a look to see if the underlying assumptions of the code are helping you get where you want to go.

You’ll always need some risk mitigation help

No matter what the situation is, whether it’s a cost reduction effort, a product strategy effort, a get to completion effort, or a course correction dynamic, you need to limit your risk. It’s how we think and it’s why we do what we do. We want to protect you from missteps before you make them, or help you accelerate on your great initiatives, long before it gets more expensive.

It’s why we created our Product Advisory service

After more than a decade helping people with more than development services, we crafted our advisory services because we were already doing it for clients. And when they started asking us if they could hire us just for a couple days to evaluate a concept, we knew we needed to help them in this way.

If you’re in a situation where you need help scoping a project, evaluating the business risk of a concept, determining the best way to navigate multiple technical complexities, or simply need someone to vet your approach (and/or partner), we can do that for you.

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