Prudential Lighting launches redesigned website

Steve Zehngut - May 3, 2016

Prudential Lighting is one of the country’s most sought-after custom lighting companies, specializing in architectural fixtures. They contacted us to create a new website to feature their many products and serve as a central point of communication between them, their customers, and their sales agents.



Prudential puts a great deal of thought and effort into the design of their products, and they wanted their website to reflect their sleek, modern design principles. Robert Nienhuis of Nien Studios delivered a cutting edge user interface that allows their product photography to shine.

The company has a large product offering, so we paid special attention to presenting the information in a way that’s useful to the user, as well as supporting marketing messaging.


Many of Prudential Lighting’s clients are professionals with strict requirements for the lighting they need for a project. To aid in their search, we created an interface for the user to download spec sheets and diagrams for every product. In addition, we created a Quick Downloads widget that allows the user to select a variety of documents at once that can be downloaded in a single compressed file.


Sometimes a user can only remember the name of the brochure in which they saw the perfect lighting fixture for their project. We created an interface so each product can be found by searching for metadata like brochure name, model number, trade show names, and more.

We’re happy to have been able to help Prudential Lighting launch a website that looks as modern and impressive as their products.