Technology Strategy

Internet Technology

The focus of the vast majority of today’s technology is the Internet. We’ve been designing and developing solutions for our clients since 1995. And we’ve been focused on the web and Internet technologies from day one. As the web has grown and changed, our focus has expanded to match. Zeek’s experience on hundreds and hundreds of projects provides the foundation of our technology consulting practice. We assist your team in determining the following:

  • Process Design
  • Project Management
  • Technology Inegration
  • Original Software Development
  • Platform Selection;
  • Software and Hardware Tools;

Social Technology

Mastery of Social Media is not about technology. It is about behavior. But Social Media is misunderstood and misused by most people and many organizations that attempt to employ it. People tend to become immersed in and overwhelmed by the technology. Technology should make it simpler to engage in the behaviors that will increase brand recognition, market share growth and increased revenue and profits. Our practical understanding of effective Social Media behavior allows us to work with your marketing teams to build and design the tools needed to execute those behaviors.

Our Social Media Technology practice includes these areas:

  • Social Media Technology Integration – from development of new tools to analysis and recommendations for in-place technologies;
  • Automating and Simplifying Social Media Behaviors – both organizational and individual;
  • Platforms;
  • Tools;
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