Web, Mobile, and SaaS: Why This All-in-One Strategy Works

Steve Zehngut - May 30, 2017

Web, Mobile & SaaS? The integration serves our customers.

We put our belief about the future of technology on our home page. We tell people that we think the future is the integration of websites, mobile apps, and SaaS (or cloud-based software). If that sounds like a lot of technology to master, that’s because it is.

If you’ve heard me speak at conferences, you know I tell digital agencies to focus: don’t pursue an “all-in-one” strategy. Does it sound like I’m not taking my own advice? Kind of.

When I talk about the pitfalls of agencies pursuing an all-in-one strategy, I’m talking about companies that build websites, connect it to outbound or inbound marketing solutions, run Facebook ads, and specialize in SEO. Though these are all web technologies businesses need, each one requires unique wells of knowledge to execute properly. The skill set to maximize a Facebook ad buy is completely different from the skill set needed to build a website. You can’t develop expertise when you’re spread too thin.

We don’t spread ourselves out. We focus on writing software. It just so happens that we focus on software development in a way that let’s us deliver value across your websites, your mobile apps, and any cloud software you need.

We do it because the integration is what customers value most.

Let’s look at the two problems that arise when working with three companies instead of one.

Most of the time, the challenge is accountability.

Have you ever hired one company to build your website and another to build your mobile app? How did that go? If you are similar to many of our current customers, you’ve felt the frustration of finger pointing and the stress of getting clarity and accountability.

When you work with Zeek, you get a single point of contact. This ensures that everyone working on the various connections and modules that are shared across your entire solution will be rowing in the same direction.

Another challenge is the responsibility of the code.

“The responsibility of the code” can be a confusing phrase if you’ve never heard it or thought about things this way. But I bet you’ve experienced it.

Here’s an example: a web developer wants to put up a landing page on your website that will only display if a person is viewing it with a mobile device. Then, they want to do and show some additional things depending on what phone the user has. Soon, you’re building more and more mobile features into your website.

A mobile developer, who is doing amazing work with your mobile app, needs to store some data to collect (or process) later. They start by storing it locally on the phone, but then shift to cloud storage. Soon, they’re building a SaaS…but the app developer lacks experience with the scalability dynamics of what they’re working on.

You see where this is headed…

The right code in the right place, written by the right people. That’s the trick to doing this right.

And that’s why Zeek brings an All-in-One approach to website, mobile and SaaS development. Not because we want more projects of one type or another. But because we’re predicting the future of most software will be the integration of all three, and that’s what we do.