Zeek Welcomes WordPress Developer David Arceneaux

Steve Zehngut - October 13, 2014

David Arceneaux, Master of Responsive WordPress DevelopmentAs I review the last year at Zeek Interactive, I realize we’ve experienced a lot of change and growth. As our focus has shifted to accommodate the needs of the ever changing responsive web environment, we have added team members and increased the quality of our support and products across the board.

Today, I’m excited to announce that David Arceneaux has joined us as a PHP/MySQL WordPress Developer. David has a long history with web development and coding, having created his first webpage in 1994 while in college. He literally grew up alongside the web. Back in 2008, he discovered the power behind WordPress and started attending local MeetUps. In the years since David has presented to developers and designers, introducing new WordPress tools in an effort to share his knowledge of how to build better code and apply it to design. David is an active asset to the WordPress and coding community and we are proud to have him on our team.

David looks to Don Knuth as his hero, amazed at his 15 years of dedicated research to Knuth’s TeX publishing system and the craft of creating beautiful text. David believes that designing a webpage is really about how you lay out text and honoring “the subtle rhythm of lines on a proper graphic grid.” He considers his approach to web development a true craft. David takes pride in his work and enjoys being able to say, “I made that. I built that.” When he’s not coding, David devours fiction and anything on the latest technology and playing what he terms nerd games – he recently discovered urban hiking! The best way to connect with David is via Google Hangouts.

Our clients may be the first to notice the extra care that David will bring to Zeek Interactive as he has already jumped in on several projects, but we’re sure you’ll start to notice changes as well. Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting our team members on our blog. I am grateful to each of them for the role they play at Zeek, for their commitment to our growth as a company and to me personally.

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