Zeek Welcomes iOS App Developer Eric Dobyns

Steve Zehngut - September 16, 2014

Eric Dobyns iOS app DeveloperEric Dobyns was fascinated by iOS and came to Zeek seeking to learn more as an iOS app developer. His entry into the tech industry began at a point-of-sale company, where he was quickly pulled into the development department working on Order Entry, an enterprise iOS application. Long a fan of Elon Musk: founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, Eric understands the need for expansive thinking and pushing limits. His deft development skills have impressed all of us, but Eric is about much more than tech.

He’s a musician who has been featured on a number of albums published to iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. He’s worked in the restaurant business, the real estate business, and the music performance business. Eric also volunteers 150 hours per year at Camp4Kids, where he plans and hosts numerous fundraisers to generate funds to send children to camp. He’s definitely a productive guy, but Eric believes friends, family, and community should ALWAYS come first, and is often willing to relax and “hang out”, wherever coffee can be found.